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February 23, 2013
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2p England x Chubby! Reader.

You sighed knocking your head on the wall gently, Oliver has called you to his bakery to try out his "new" cupcake,
But in truth it was one of his everyday cupcakes he just wanted you to eat it. Yes they tasted like you bit into a heavenly cupcake MADE from God.
You would love to eat his cupcake's every day or every chance you got.
But the problem the only problem
Is that your over weight and didn't want to gain anymore, And you NEVER said no to the crazy baker. Well for a couple reasons anyway.
Well one you would never EVER hurt his feelings, second of all.
You loved him.
You LOVED this man all covered in pink and blue.
Oh and his cute freckle's, sure he tries to hide them but you know that they are there on his face. it's actually kinda sad how he hides them.
They made him so much more dashing then he already was.
Good lord you loved everything about this man. From the pink in his hair to the black of his shoes. Yes you knew about his habit of killing people if they mock his baking.
But other then that the man's a gentleman a very PEPPY gentleman.
You heard your phone ring checking who it was you sighed and answered.

"Hello Oliver" You said rolling your fat with a free hand
"OH Poppet, I was only wondering if your still stopping by this evening?" Oliver's happy British accent came through first thing you said hello.
"Yes! Of course"
"Well I will see you then I made a fresh batch of my cupcakes!"
"Yep can't wait"

With that you both said your goodbyes. Waltzing into the bedroom you looked for something baggy to wear since you were only in your undies and t-shirt.
You live alone so might as well do what ya want!
Putting on a dark shirt, dark blue baggy jacket and tight jeans to suck in the junk in the trunk to make it look smaller you headed out towards the man's bakery.
You walked very slowly, Sure you were pretty happy to go see the man but not to happy about all the sweets he was gonna feed you. You groaned at that thought.
You didn't want those damned cupcakes or any cake!
Sure they were good.
Your mouth watered at the thought of his baking and oh the soft cakes an- you face palmed your self a loud smack heard as your palm connected with your forehead. People around you gave funny looks before shrugging it off and continuing on they're marry way.
Good lord you hated it when people looked at you. It made you feel so out of place from the skinny ladies.  The thing is about you is that you have long (h/c) and (e/c)
You kept your hair nice yes but you never wore make up you could care less for that shit. You were also chunky and about 5'3,
You are 21 and could care less what you wore. But it's what under the shirt and pants that you cared about, your eyes watered thinking about it. How your British friend only liked you for being so kind to him and to be the first to EVER go into his shop when it first opened some years back.
Finally getting there you stood at the main doors took a deep breath and walked inside to be greeted by the smell of sweets and cakes you shivered enjoying the smell.

"OH Poppet you've come early!" Oliver waved you down.
"Yeah I didn't want to keep you waiting for to long" You smiled wearily walking over.
"O-Oh no thank you I'm actually not feeling all to well"

He frowned putting the treat away leaning on the glass case looking deep into your (e/c) eyes with his baby blue ones. This made you feel nervous did he know you were lying? You cracked a smile in worry.
Oliver sighed running a hand through his strawberry pink hair.

"Well I do hope you get better love" He said his smiling returning.

You heard the soft sound of giggling and the word fat and girl you turned to some people in the store. You knew damn well who they were talking about you and it felt like  something was tugging at your heart.
They didn't know you and you did not know them so it hurt a little more when they judged you like this. Oliver saw this and leaned in so he's face was to your ear.

"Poppet I can get rid of them for you" He sang-song in your ear. You thought about this and nodded.
"W-Wait...No it's fine" You smiled sadly.

It clicked in to the Brit's mind, you weren't feeling ill you just didn't want to eat his wonderful cupcake in fear that you'll get bigger.
Well in his opinion you were just a perfect little cutie to him. Taking your arm he led you into the back and looked at you with stern swirling pink and blue eyes.
Ohh you knew you were in some trouble he found out why you wouldn't eat.

"(name)" He called out to you when you looked dazed crossing his arms over his purple vest.
"hahaha...Oliver" You laughed to yourself.
"poppet my dear poppet are you worried about getting hm how do I put this? Gaining weight?"
"Pfft no course not hahaha. I mean I can't get any bigger then this"
"Now (name) don't be like that, your just fine the way you are"
"Easy for you to say, Your the damn cupcake king and you look like you can't gain weight for anything"
"Don't swear. Oh you really think I am?"
"Oh big time I mean have you tried your own sweets?"
"Well of course!"
"Then there you go" Oh you thought you were able to change the subject but nope.
"Now about how you look"
"Nope let's talk about something else"
"(name) please le-"
"Oh I know let's talk about how wonderful your cake designs are"
"I really like the pink and blue wedding cake waiting there"

He was getting slightly upset that you were avoiding the subject and that you kept cutting him off, the man marched up to you wrapping his arms around your waist pulling himself closer, Placing his lips by your ear.

"Stop for a moment.You can avoid it all you want but it'll always come back to eat you" He said resting his chin on your shoulder
"It always seems to even when I do or not" Your (e/c) started to fill with tears yet you blushed at how close he was to you.
"You're not over weight or fat your just a big fluffy cupcake! That could use color" He giggled
"Perhaps but in the end I am nothing to no one"
"Oh don't be so sure~"

The man pulled back kissing your forehead then your chubby cheeks to your nose and finally he planted his lips onto your plump ones, at first you didn't know how to react until he pushed a little harder onto your lips you finally closed your eyes and kissed the jolly cupcake man back.
Truthfully he tasted like a cupcake after a moment he pulled back patting you're cheek, and oh your face was as red as a Spain's tomato if not darker.

"I quite frankly LOVE how your not as skinny as those girls I think your just perfect a perfect little cupcake~"
"Aha..Thank you" Hope to god he doesn't make you into one. Then again he hasn't killed anyone in awhile he's just a little sweety now ain't he?
"And by golly don't you ever change! I'll still love you but I rather you be like this" He smiled big
"L-Love me?" That's all you actually got out of his sentence.
"Oh of course puppet! You...are the only one who knows me best, you treat me like I'm like everyone else in the world"
"Ollie...I'm so glad you said that"  You smiled big "I love you to!!" You said covering your face with your plump hands.
"Oh don't hide now"

Removing your hands the man held out a cupcake with (f/f) and (f/c) frosting on top

"Now never again say your not any good or over weight. Your just perfect"
"Agreed" You took the cupcake with out second thought and bit into it enjoying the goodness that came from it.

The rest of the day you never left the shop helping him out and enjoying  the company of your new boyfriend

look what I did.
A 2p england one
I never seen a 2p x chubby reader so I did it HAHA.
Please tell me if i messed up anything mmmkay OKAY
I didn't know if i was to use arthur/arty or oliver
so i went with oliver

hetalia> Hidekaz Himaruya
story> me
you> :icon2penglandplz:

update (nov 7th)

holy faaaaaak. over 5000 well actually almost 6000 of you have read this story and I just wow.
and 222 of you faved it
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